About me my approach:

Weddings: My images are very simple and clean with a touch of fun and whimsy, some call it photojournalistic/editorial way of looking at things. Story telling with images. I will do and enjoy shooting all the posed and creative images you may want on the location of your wedding but my main focus is the editorial/candid style. If that is not your first love then we might not be a good match. But lets chat and see if we are a good fit for your wedding day ;-)

During your wedding I tend to capture my best shots during moments that tell a story: That special laugh, smile, or funny look that only lasts for an instant, but speaks volumes. Some of my favorite photographs are captured when people forget the cameras are there. They let themselves relax, and magic happens. My clients tend to find me unobtrusive, relaxed and reassuring especially at weddings. After all, my job is to make your memories timeless.

I do require to meet with all my wedding clients beforehand to discuss all the details to see if we are a good fit for each other.

HS Seniors: My take on HS Seniors is that you are all special and have some sort of individual quality that makes you unique, I try and show that in my images of you. All shoots are done on location and I try and bring out that something special that your family and friends will cherish for years to come. For the ladies we can do the most simple fomal stuff or the most fun modern fashion/lifestyle imagery you want, same goes for the guys. ;-)

Familys: During family portraits and lifestyle sessions I want you to be relaxed and to have fun. These often work best on locations where you can walk around and ineract with each other while I follow and shoot (directing you some what) capturing your laughs, smiles and sometimes bloopers. It's all good fun and these are some of my most pleasurable things to photograph, You being You, Families being Families.

When you really get down to it, I love everything about being a photographer. I work tirelessly to give my clients the best work possible because they deserve nothing less.


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