I am passionate about photography, but THIS kind of photography when you capture something that is normally unable to be captured.. It's like hearing a song on the radio, where it's flat and you don't catch the vibe or energy, until you hear the music "live" and then it becomes an entirely new entity.. - Lynn Gresh Whittaker

Kevin. Fantastic work. we love it. thank you so much. we teared up, laughed till we hurt and now have treasures to cherish. Thanks again.

- Niles Bowman

Hi Kevin!

We got home today and took a look at the website - WOW!!!!!!!!! The pictures you have posted are amazing! I cannot wait to see the rest. You did a fantastic job - we are thrilled! THANK YOU!! - Steph & Curt

I have to confess - we cheated and just looked through the pictures! THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!! We are so psyched to see them put together in the book. Thank you so much - your work is truly amazing! - Fawn Robinson

Kevin, I love them. We were so sad when it came to "This is your last picture" on the web preview page. The quality from our engagement photos were amazing too. Thank you so much. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. - Shawna Newton

Hi Kevin I recieved the wedding album this morning and wanted to say thank you so much. You did a fantastic job, everyone that has checked out the pics loved them. - Lori Smith

Kevin, I just wanted to let you know that I got a chance to look at your website and the pictures are great. Thanks again for helping us enjoy our wedding for years to come.

- Jonah Daigle

Hi Kevin,

I truly cannot thank you enough for capturing such wondering memories for us! I finally found the right facebook account and saw the pictures you posted. I have been so excited to see the pictures and now after seeing the ones you posted, I'm even more excited!!!! I wish that you could see my face as I type this to see how happy I am, but you'll have to take my word for it.

- Sarah Obare

I wanted to tell you how much I loved them! You did a fantastic job. Jenna is also very happy with them. Thank you so very much for being so accommodating and traveling to two locations and so far from home. I can't say it enough that the pictures are beautiful. I am going to tell everyone I know about you! - Vicki Blackmer

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